Monday, July 29, 2013

The Joy Challenge

I'm a happy person!  There I said it! 
"I Love Lucy"

I think that it is not very popular to be joyful these days. We are bombarded with bad news - catastrophes, governmental shenanigans, bad behavior on the front page of the newspaper, everyday frustrations.  What has happened to us?  When did life become such a 'survivor' sport?

"Laverne and Shirley"

Our motion pictures, magazine racks and television series are filled with violence, disaster, drugs, alcohol and sex.  Even those that are purported to be comedies have a theme of trying to combine all  'seven deadly sins' into one 90 minute program.

"Laurel and Hardy"

 As I've gotten older I'm quite aware of how insignificant each day is, in the scheme of things.  Of how small my little presence is in this great and wonderful universe.  And so, why not celebrate each day, instead of thinking of it as something to be 'gotten' through? 

So here's to fun! Here's to laughter and joy and happiness.  Here's to greeting the rising sun each day with gratitude and peace in my heart.

"Participate joyfully in the sorrows of the world.  We cannot cure the world of sorrows, but we can choose to live in joy." - Joseph Campbell


  1. I totally agree, but unfortunately I am not a naturally happy person, I do try but I am a bit of a pessimist.
    Revel in your happiness and enjoy every day of it.

  2. Debbie -- I feel so very fortunate to be able to go with life's blows and still be happy. After a very bad childhood I think I learned early to 'make my own self happy' and fortunately for me it worked. I completely understand how that doesn't work for others -- and almost feel like because I'm blessed I should pass my happiness on to others. So I'm sending a smile and a hug to you and anyone else who needs it today.

  3. It's certainly the case we could do with more good news!

  4. ...and here's to those like you who remind us to see our glasses as (at least) half full. Your joy is contagious!

  5. By the way, I have some "I Love Lucy" fabric, do you believe it?!

  6. What a lovely thought and a nice way of expressing it. Life is too short to waste a day.

  7. Your first comment was no surprise - your joyfulness comes over so consistently in the way you write and create. You always make me smile and I'm a complete cynic!

  8. Good Morning Friend!!
    O you ARE joyful and birds of a feather, you know. The older I get, the farther I distance myself from those that are not joyful. O, not from those going through a trying time, but those that wake up each day and find no glory in the sun rise.
    That is one reason why I am reading here before I go off to work. This is one of my fav spots to enjoy with my coffee.

    Have an absolutely wonderful day and I hope our joy is contagious to at least one person today.
    xx, Carol

  9. Amen!!

    I'm a glass-full person too...can't be doing with all the depressing moaners who, if truth be told, have a lot less to moan about than I might!!

    I raise a glass to you my lovely lady...

    x C



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