Monday, July 15, 2013

"Freedom is a State of Mind"

As you know, I've been preparing my submission for the "Freedom" challenge due today. Over the past six months I've thought much about this word and its meanings.  My dictionary has no fewer than seventeen definitions for 'freedom'.  No wonder it took me awhile to study this word and put it into stitchery.

After much thought I decided that there is no true freedom.  At the beginning of my life I was destined, through genes to be a girl, to be small, to have poor eyesight, among other things.  I could not choose before birth who or what I would be. 

As my life went on I became most pleasantly 'encumbered' by family, school, a husband, a child, friends, jobs.  I never, ever thought I was not free -- because I didn't think in those terms.

Sometimes we don't have the ability to change our circumstances.  At those times I believe the saving graces are acceptance and thankfulness for what 'freedoms' we do have. When all is said and done we are only free if we believe we are.

I believe 'freedom' comes from my state of mind and those things that might seem to limit my freedom are actually blessings in disguise. 

"There are many ways to be free.  One of them is to transcend reality by imagination, as I try to do". - Anais Nin


  1. OHH, this is just splendid, Penny ... truly, truly SPLENDID.

  2. Beautifully, thought-provokingly said, Penny. I'll be taking that with me into my day today. Thank you. :o)

  3. Certainly, restrictions in planning a creative work can free up the designer in other areas. Freedom depends on your perspective, perhaps!

  4. A lovely thoughtful piece, Penny. You might have noticed me rant and rave about having to follow a given theme in the past. No 'freedom' in that I find!

  5. When you first wrote about this challenge, I thought about freedom and what it means to me. Being the Liberal that I am, of course my first thought was political. But then I began to think in the same theme that you posted about.

    I have always thought that I am NOT free. That I hold myself back because of responsibilities and other considerations. A State of Mind? So true. I have slowly been freeing myself from my self imposed tethers and it feels so good.

    Great post!
    xx, Carol

  6. Lovely post, thoughts we can all relate to I think, thoughts to think about.



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