Monday, July 25, 2011

My Little Heart Book

Recently our Guild invited Sue Tregay to talk to us about color and design.  Part of her presentation was a section on her 'little books' - which she keeps faithfully to record every part of each painting that she creates.  These books include inspiration pictures, thoughts, methods and design.  They are fat with pieces of paper glued onto the pages and lovely to see - all that information, inspiration and talent packed into those pages.

I have kept books on my work before - but never really stuck with it.  After the meeting I decided to begin a 'heart' book - since so many of my hours these days are wrapped up in hearts. 

Here I will jot down quotes that I might use later on, themes and titles for each heart (some to be used, some to be saved as 'maybe's').  There are pictures which I'm collecting for inspiration and there are pictures of my own work as each piece is finished.  I'm including how-to's as I go along and techniques that I want to remember.

Hopefully, in time, my book will be chock full -- and at some later date I can page through it to live again the fun that I'm having right now.

“Doing the work points the way to new and better work to be done.” - Julia Cameron - "The Artists Way"


  1. This is one technique for managing the process of design and development that I struggle with, because (believe it or not!) I'm not a visual thinker. could you do another few posts about this technique to explain it a little more?

  2. Rachel - I'm sort of new to the whole thing - but yes, I'll work on that. I'm going to start a new one for some ditty bags that I'm going to make so watch for it in a week or so. The only thing I find difficult about it is actually getting my never ending thoughts down on paper!

  3. I love seeing what people do to save ideas. sketch books, folders, bulletin boards etc. I had tried to keep a sketch booklet of snippits etc. but have always left it sit unused for the most part. I wonder if I could become organized enough to get one under way!

  4. I love these glimpses, so inspirational! I'm wondering what size book this is, for example, is it small enough to easily carry around with you.

  5. Deborah -- Its a 4" x 6" book (I think they intended it for recipes). I love the size, I've had larger books and they always ended up out of the way and forgotten.



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