Thursday, July 7, 2011

Assembly Line?

These days it tends to look like an assembly line in my studio -- each upcoming punchneedle sitting on my 'staging' table, waiting for attention.

I really don't work in an assembly line format - each PN piece is worked to its completion before another is started.  But -- one of my pet peeves is not being able to move along to the 'next in line' because I don't have the correct colored thread.  To be punching away in the middle of a section and find that I am almost out of a certain color and that there aren't anymore skeens in my stash is a definite 'GRRR' moment!

So, as I'm working on one piece and as the inspiration for the next one, or two or three pieces comes to me - I'll take the time to draw the design, transfer it to Weaver's cloth and begin the 'collection' process.  When I am ready to start each project, unless I've miscalculated (which does happen *smile*) I can move through it without that dreaded 'oops' feeling. 

Right now I have three pieces waiting in the wings -- and you can be sure I'm double checking the number of skeins that I have on hand.

The soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts. - Marcus Aurelius


  1. Why do you think I dye my own batches!!?? :-)

    ...love the future pieces...

    ...I'll be watching to see how they turn out...

  2. I am envious of your organization skills, Penny. I thought I was somewhat organized, but now I realize it truly is only "somewhat". LOL! To have a "staging table" with future projects on it must be wonderful. Looking at them waiting surely keeps your ideas flowing. I absolutely love the mauves and greens in your next piece. Like Chris, I'll be watching (as always :).

  3. It's always easier to work with all the materials to hand, isn't it!

  4. love the colours. I like Chris dye most of my own threads. I wish l was as organised as you about future projects..l just tend to go with the flow. I also have 2 or 3 on the go at once!

  5. Sounds like a great way of working...always having a new project waiting in the wings. BTW do you punch needle with all six strands of embroidery floss>



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