Monday, January 1, 2018

New Year Thoughts

Happy New year!!   A new year always seems like a clean slate to me and after this past year I could use a clean slate, I think that a lot of us can.

Recently we had a beautiful snowfall -- it seemed like it was issuing in a lovely, soft, white winter -- a time of the year for cocooning inside where its warm and cozy.

Winter is almost like a 'time out' for everything but soft, quiet days in which to gather ideas, do some creating and just slow down.  I found this most wonderful journal which I will be starting today.  Each page has a reminder to practice mindfulness.  If I can bring mindfulness into my life this new year I will feel as if I've accomplished a lot. 

"What would it be like if I could accept life - accept this moment - exactly like it is?" Tara Brach 


  1. Wow, look at all that beautiful snow! I appreciate it when it's that pretty, but want it gone when it gets less pretty. Be careful walking. The mindfulness journal is lovely, so serene looking. A focus on achieving that is perfect. Ringing in the new year didn't happen for me, it never does anymore now that bedtime overtakes me earlier than ever. Lol. It's not too late though. Maybe I'll ring it in with something less noisy than our neighbors who like to shoot guns. Oh me, I hope something about that changes this year!

  2. Interesting. I hope you let us know how well your prompts are working after you have used the journal for a few weeks. To me, you appear to be one of the most mindful people I know. But I am only judging by the blog posts you have made over the years I have known you. You notice so much around you as you walk your wonderful paths. I, however, yield to my Type A personality and rarely stop to see it all unless I have been forced to sit and wait quietly. Then my eyes are scanning everything!

    Happy and Healthy New Years wishes to you.
    xx, Carol

  3. I pray you are feeling well...May this new year be one of total health and happiness, and lots of art and writing!

  4. A new year is like starting a new exercise book - so exciting! All the very best for a wonderfully mindful, calm and artistic 2018.

  5. Winter is the perfect time for introspection and creation. Adding a dose of mindfulness to your day will be enriching. I hope you continue to share your creative journey with us!

  6. Here's to a wonderful year of creativity for us all!

  7. We may not be able to change all of our decades long habits, but each new year brings the possibility of a clean slate, a chance to begin fresh. Maybe it is just a psychological cleansing, but that is a good thing. Winter does seem as if you are cocooned; a time for the quiet internal examinations we all need. Happy New Year, Penny--enjoy your journey!



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