Thursday, June 16, 2016

Pesky Piffles


I'm back home and so are 'they'.  Yes the Piffles are back home and making total pests of themselves.  Having traveled clear out to California and back again they don't seem to want to settle down in their place on the shelves.

What am I going to do with them?  One has already started her journey to a new home.
But that leaves three - and believe me the 'left behinds' are really quite upset. 

                                                        "Alberta Algorithm"

And so I offer these noisy and not-too-cooperative Piffles as a blog give away.  Please leave a comment below and The winners will be announced on the Tuesday the 21st. 

"You got to be careful if you don't know where you're going, because you might not get there." - Yogi Berra



  1. I would love a Piffle. My collection of my own dolls and those that have been gifted to me sit on a shelf above my computer cheering me on and inspiring me. They are softly calling "Piffle...Piffle....
    xx, Carol

  2. Pesky Piffles, maybe. But sweet and winsome, all the same.

  3. Wonderful characters! I won't enter since I already have two of your magical creatures, but good luck to the other yearning souls!

  4. Should chance favor me, I would be honored to give a home to a wonderful, adventurous Piffle! Liz at Bead Contagion

  5. Adorable! Glad too, that you're back home... it is always nice to get away; but "there is no place like home!"

  6. I've never seen such adorable little beings. My very own Miss Molly Woodentop has just the spot on her shelf for a new playmate. They could sit safely together up high and watch Miss Kitty Doodah and Miss Totty Potter playing chase around the hall. I live in rural England but my darling daughter lives in Utah and will be visiting me back home in August. Perhaps a Piffle would like to travel the world........? Lynn.walker@gmail.com

  7. I would love to provide a home for one of these sweet dolls. Thank you for the offering! Blessings!



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