Friday, October 24, 2014

Round the World Blog Hop

Alex from UNDER A TOPAZ SKY contacted me before we went on vacation and asked me to be part of a round the world blog hop started by Hilary of "Living to Work".  Of course in my usual fashion I forgot completely about it -- but here I am, a bit late but still ready to share.  I come to you from Hendersonville, North Carolina.  I've lived all over the United States -- but this place came at just the right time for me. The creative population abounds in this area and the arts are truly treasured.  You almost have to create something with your hands if you live here.

1. What am I working on?

Lately I've been busy creating the Ladies of Lickety-Split which are cloth dolls with stories.  Doll making has been an integral part of my life. While I sometimes veer off in other directions: book art, beading, punchneedle - I always come back to the making of dolls.  Just in the past few days I've set the "Ladies" aside and am working on a whimsical cloth doll - which involves only a smidgen of reality. Watch for it at a later date...

2.  How does my work differ from others in its genre?

As a whole this isn't something that I think about too much.  Of course I don't want my work to imitate (or heaven forbid) copy anyone else's work.  I do think that doll making opens one up to imaginative play and there are some very, very imaginative doll makers.  I guess my work only differs in that its mine -- with my theme/story choices, color choices, fabric and material choices.  

3. Why do I write/create what I do?

Because it makes me happy!  That's it in a nutshell.  I purposely do not give myself deadlines, nor do I worry about 'what will sell' (as I have in the past) but I just create because my mind and my hands demand it.  Its a joyful process and I do everything I can to protect that joy. I'm so very grateful that I'm at a point in my life where I have the time with which to spend hours in my studio.  Being frivolous with my time and creativity is my goal these days.

3. How does my writing/creating process work?

During my morning walks I let my thoughts go where they may.  Sometimes I'm just in awe of the beauty around me - other times my mind is busy, busy, busy with ideas for a new 'personality'.  All too often I'm walking home so quickly you'd think something was chasing me.  But no, that's just me trying to remember the random thought I'd had so I can write it down.  Yes, I should take a small recorder or a pen and notepad - but gee where would the excitement be in that? 

The other stimulation I get is from material things (especially fabric) but also  yarn or fiber that I just have to use.  I am totally vulnerable when it comes to buttons or 'found object' metal items -- these often whisper their story to me before I've even had a chance to think about it. Lately, my focus (if I have one) is to let my imagination go and to not let that inner critic pop out.  

Let me introduce --

One of my greatest joys is to visit friends online.  What a treat to look inside another stitcher's studio to see what they're doing and especially how they are doing it. I pass along to you two of my favorites -- I know you're going to enjoy following them, if you don't already.

 Rachel of VirtuoSewAdventures is definitely a 'virtuoso' when it comes to needlework.  She constantly stretches herself, using new (and difficult) stitches in her work.  I love the fact that she creates her art using historical references, pictures from long ago, symbols used in the past.  She uses her stitches to make a new representation always putting it into context of the stitch and staying true to the original image.  Rachel lives near Liverpool in the UK  - so far away.  What would it be like to see her work in person -- oh  my!!  For now I recommend that you stop by for a visit - I know you'll be amazed.

JenClaire of Bayou Quilts resides in Louisiana (hey Jen, not so far from North Carolina).  I think she and I are on the same wavelength.  Jen is creating some wonderful, fanciful dolls which I adore.  She's got a bit of the adventurer in her, doing some of this, some of that.  I love it that I never know what she'll show me when I drop by.  Her figures seem to me to be full of LIFE.  She loves to experiment and to play (my kind of gal). 

Jen also maintains a book review blog named A Garden in the Pocket.  I think I need to stop by there more often as she has reviewed some very interesting looking books.  

Hoping you'll visit these creative women - I know you'll enjoy.             

NOTE:  I'm so sorry -- my computer was giving me fits when I tried to link in Alex, Rachel and Jen's sites.  Please forgive me.  If you Google the names I'm sure you'll be able to check in with them.


  1. What lovely things you've said about me - and about JenClaire, who I will be adding to my feed reader asap!

  2. I really enjoyed learning a little more about you, and I'm now going to slip off and discover these new-to-me makers!

  3. That was lovely and so interesting to hear about the way little odd bits and pieces whisper their stories to you - that very much chimes in with some of the way I work.

  4. Oh GREAT post. I have seen several bloggers in your town and I love the fact that you live in such a creative community. I'm off to check out your other friends.
    xx, Carol

    BTW: I hope that I am on the same path to happiness that you are and will STOP asking myself what I will do with what I create. Does art REALLY need a purpose other than personal satisfaction!!



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