Monday, December 30, 2013

Getting Organized

What is it about the upcoming New Year that makes me want to get organized?  I guess its like opening a never read book and seeing that pristine first page before you. What will the story be, what journey will I take?

And so, I have totally reorganized my fiber rods.  I'm sorry I didn't take a 'before' picture.  Some things are best not shown.  But here is the 'after' and I'm so pleased with it.  I have organized each rod to hold a certain type of fiber.  Some of them are ribbons, some are chenille, some are quite glittery and fluttery.  At least now I know what I have.

Next came my fabric stash.  I know that compared to most of my friends my fabric collection seems quite small - but most of what I do involves very little fabric.  However, I can never say no to an interesting piece.  So my wire baskets now hold the various types of fabric.  A couple of my favorites are the wool felt pieces that I've collected and the flannel that sits there, unused, but much loved.  

I'm not quite finished as you can see here.  My 'bits and bobs' metal basket is filled to the brim with things both known and unknown.  This will be an adventure -- not only to go through everything but to then figure out a good way to sort it all out.  Sounds like I have a few more hours to go before I can say 'job well done'.  

Happy New Year!

"Organizing is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up." - A. A. Milne


  1. Well, you look pretty darned organized to me! I think January is always the month we decide we want to improve SOMETHING! All the stores cater to that desire with their ads to entice us to buy containers to help us along. Sadly, if you use the space you create, it doesn't take long for it to look the way it did BEFORE we spent the time to reorganize. What a vicious circle..LOL.

    Happy New Year.

  2. One of the advantages of reorganisations is that you are reminded again of plans and projects that are still at the stash-building stage!

  3. Your bit and bobs box looks more organised that my whole studio, stuff has just been dumped over Christmas. Love the rods for threads idea, most of my odd threads get in such a tangle I have to cut them apart.
    Happy New Year

  4. Yes, Debbie, those rods - installed by my handy hubby are life savers. The other thing I have in my studio are dowels which I use to hang threads waiting for punchneedle. Very handy!

  5. I can relate to your needing to sort and organise at the start of a new year, it seems perfect sense.
    But for me sorting and organising is a way to put off the job I know I need to do...I do so procrastinate!

    Love the little wire baskets, at least you can easily see what you've got!

  6. Jane - I found those baskets at Lowe's which is a home improvement store here in the US. I don't think they carry them anymore (alas).

  7. I also must be organized, but mine isn't as pretty! ;)

  8. I am admiring your neat little shelves lined with neat little baskets of fabric…all of mine is in ugly plastic storage tubs..your shelves look beautiful!

  9. Lookin' good!
    Bit of organizing going on around here, too ... needed a larger "designated space" for beads [now binned entirely by color]. The greatest part? having itchy fingers to get back to bead embroidery as soon as poss ...

    Happy next 365 days & all that!



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