Thursday, August 22, 2013

Spatter Painting

It looks like Mother Nature has been playing around with her paint brush.

Did she mix some vats of die and then drop dribbles on the leaves to check the colors?

Did she have a wish to go two tone...?

I'm sure there's a very scientific reason why these mottled leaves were at my feet on this summer morning, but I prefer to think of my friends who dye and wonder what they would make of these beauties and if their yards are filled with splattered leaves.

"Keep your love of nature, for that is the true way to understand art more and more." - Vincent van Gogh


  1. Beautiful patterns, the first one really does look painted

  2. So interesting, and pretty! A scientific reason, probably, but I like your idea better. :)

  3. I thought they looked painted too. I hope this doesn't mean your leaves are turning already, but maybe so with too many overcast days this summer.

    Funny how one person sees what others overlook.
    xx, Carol

  4. They're beautiful and so unusual! I actually thought you'd been experimenting and painted the top one yourself!

  5. No splattered beauties like these happening in my garden yet ... this is quite the collection, Penny!

  6. I don't think I've seen splattered leaves like that - how fascinating!



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