Monday, January 28, 2013

"Lucky One"

Hi Guys,
Hope you don’t mind but I’ve taken over Penny’s blog posting this morning – shhh she doesn’t know I’m here.

I thought you might like to know what ‘really’ goes on behind the scenes when she’s creating!  I’m the first one of her paperclay figures – so she started off making my head (and two others).  There we sat – the three of us – not knowing who would be chosen.

I have to say, it seemed like we waited quite awhile for her to get her act together – but at last she chose me.  At first I thought – “oh boy, I’m the lucky one”.  Well, let me tell you – I soon changed my mind about that.

We had to go through the whole body and costume design thing together.  She and I – me looking at her stoically while she sketched and drew and stitched and stuffed – all the while I’m thinking  “maybe I'm not so lucky”. That woman can mutter like nobody’s business – let me tell you.  I know I’m complaining but have you ever been the experiment for a master plan?  It isn’t fun!!

Finally we came to end of my journey and I spotted this wooden button that says “Lucky One” – I told her I just had to have it.  So she obliged and also gave me a really snazzy hat.  The next day she walked into her studio smiling at me – she likes me!  So now I guess I can say that I really am “The Lucky One”.  Wonder why she’s keeping me separate from the other two guys –  do you think she doesn’t want me to warn them about what's in store?
By the way, let’s just keep this little conversation between ourselves okay?
 "I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells.  Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope." - Dr Seuss


  1. Hey Mr. Lucky One...I'll never tell! You are indeed a lucky one. She not only likes you, but I know she loves you. Every touch, every stitch, every brush stroke, and every nip and tuck that went into your creation was a labor of love. Oh, just so you know, the muttering goes with being creative. Without it you would not have been as lucky! You are a cutie pie! Can't wait to see your other two friends with whom you spent your endless days and nights waiting. It was worth it!

  2. Cute post Penny. Perhaps when the other two are done, they can be introduced the same way.

  3. Oooooooo! Hello....and it's lovely to meet you little darling!

    Don't worry about the muttering...it keeps her happy....

    ...and she's REALLY happy when she's creating :-)

  4. Believe me, Lucky One, if she heard you asking for that button, she's very happy with you indeed!

  5. This is written so cute! I love how she turned out--the painting and her outfit. I can't believe it's your first go w/ paperclay!

  6. ...mum's the word!
    (except for: you are sure dang cute ;>] )

  7. Hey LO
    I knew it! I knew you dolls run around the studio when lights go out. And NOW you're even gettin out on the NET!! I won't tell Penny, but watch out...she's pretty sharp and she just might catch you at it!!

    BTW, love your button.
    Mums the word.

  8. Love this post!! ADORE the Lucky one!!

  9. As a little girl, when my mum was making soft toys, I used to use a needle to give them injections so they didn't feel the stitching! So no surprise to me that these guys can think and feel!



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