Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Whole New Space

It was time!  Time to find different ways to use my space. I decided I'd like work stations -- especially to use the window at the end of the room for natural light. Also I needed more shelving for all of my 'stuff' - but then who doesn't! 

With the help of IKEA and my trusty handiman husband (thank heavens for him) we embarked on a major readjustment.  Tom says that the worst words in the world are "some assembly required" and when I opened this box where my soon-to-be chair resided in pieces I almost flinched back in horror.  There were all these bits and pieces, several screws of different sizes and everything in black so it looks alike.  YIKES!

But with effort and patience it all came together.  I now have a space where I can divide my work properly between visits with you at the computer and joyously stitching in a special spot.  I love having my sewing space in front of the window, with natural light in the morning and the frogs in the little pond outside serenading me.

"Change brings opportunity." -  Nido Qubein


  1. ...and if I land on holiday at some time...

    ...would you let me borrow a teeny-weeny bit of that space?

    Looks lovely...

    ..not like my cluttered hovel!

    x C

  2. I'm with Tom, but clearly the effort paid off!

  3. Oh, every year or so I rearrange my room as my interests have revolved. Somehow I seem to move the clutter only to be found again on the other side of the room . . . sigh



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