Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The "Flying in Circles" Bird

This colorful fellow is obviously 'going in circles'.  Round and round go the colors and surrounding them is a deep purple color. I suspect this is probably a pretty rare bird -- for purple and orange are not commonly seen (together) in the natural bird communities. 

My inspiration for this color combination (purple and orange not being two colors I would normally even consider) was this skein of 'Wildflower' cotton.  When I saw this I thought 'wouldn't I love to see this color combination flitting outside my studio window?'  For now I shall have to satisfy myself by having one nesting in my studio with me.

"Birds sing after a storm; why shouldn't people feel as free to delight in whatever remains to them?" - Rose Kennedy 


  1. I would never have chosen to put those colors together either, Penny, but that skein would have also attracted me. I think it turned into an incredibly lovely bird. The head crest reminds me of the peacock family. Given that they are some of the most colorful birds, combining purple and orange fits him well! Also, I can totally relate to the going in circles theme. I seem to do that a lot in my own crafting -- trying something, redoing it -- trying something else, redoing it -- and so on ad infinitum. It often feels like I'm getting nowhere, but in the end we do end up where we are supposed to be. So perhaps going in circles isn't so bad. I mean, maybe we aren't meant to go forward all the time anyhow. Just staying where we are until we get it right might be better.

  2. Lovely bird! I think you'll enjoy this addition to your studio.

  3. lovely bird. love those colors and the textures
    and I'm a Robyn!
    Hope to see you again soon at Nice Threads.
    come check out my weekly challenge here
    and my art blog here



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