Monday, October 4, 2010

October BJP - "Whimsy"

My October BJP word is "whimsy" - whimsy n. an odd or fanciful notion.  What a lovely word this is -- its a feeling that beckons me as I deal with my everyday work and worry.  Sometimes its right at my finger tips as I blow bubbles on a sunny day, other times it seems far away and I long to laugh out loud, tromp through puddles and create something in the most outlandish color combination I can imagine.

This 'whimsy' bookmark uses one of my personal favorite colors - turquoise.  I have added a touch of pink.  Pink is not a color that I've ever been drawn to - but lately it has been calling out to me.  And don't these two colors work together to create a little 'whimsy'. 

I used a combination of beading stitches - chain stitch, brick stitch, moss stitch and backstitch.  Truly a fun project!

"Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game". -- Michael Jordan


  1. How wonderful! Congratulations on getting it done so quickly. I hope you'll enjoy your travels :-)

  2. Turquoise is also one of my favorite colors although I don't use it a lot in my beadwork...love the crown too, great illustration of whimsey!

  3. Love your beading. I really like the bottom left basketweave. Very cool!

  4. Whimsical indeed, and lovely! I really like the colors!

  5. PS: You are the queen of faces in my book, so where and how did this one originate? I love it, crown and all.

  6. Beautiful! One of my favorite colors and that face and crown is wonderful! Definitely a whimsical bookmark :)
    Hope you have a wonderful trip!

  7. For those of you wondering about the face -- this one came from Art Girlz -- they had a couple of metal faces that they sold. Unfortunately they have gone out of business so the only way to find the faces is through stores that just might have a few of them in stock.

  8. Just DELIGHTFUL, Penny, in every way. Luv how the combinations of bead stitches - in beads of very similar color - add that interesting texture all their own. Gosh I adore that pink *fluff* around the crown!
    Another winner!!!

  9. Absolutely fabulous, as usual! Also, I LOVE the colour combination and the whimsy in it all.

  10. It's whimsical! And lovely. You've really caught the meaning of whimsy. I enjoyed seeing all the different stitches you used.
    Marty S
    Crackpot Beader



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