Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Man in the Moon

Hanging high in the night sky is our moon -- sending light into the darkness -- thrilling us with its mystery -- moving tides against our shores.  Sometimes it is a big orb above us and other times it is but a sliver in the sky.  I often open the blinds on full moon nights --hoping that the light will awaken me so that I can enjoy it.  

I'd like to share with you my version of 'The Man in the Moon'.  His face came to me quite by accident on a jacket that I found at a thrift store. He is beaded in shades of white and grey.  I very much enjoyed using beads to apply moon features to him -- signs of the water that has been recently found upon the moon, moon rocks, glittery beads that represent moonlight and crowning his head are moonstone beads.  This was my very own lunar exploration and I invite you to join me as I 'dance by the light of the moon'.

"Tis the witching hour of night,
Oer bed is the moon and bright,
And the stars they glisten, glisten,
Seeming with bright eyes to listen.
For what listen they"?
- John Keats   


  1. Penny, what a lovely man. I can just see him up there in the sky! And I like your tree shadows from the previous post, so much movement.

  2. Thank you Beverly. Its all a journey isnt' it!



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