Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Creative Ramblings

Here is a variation on the 'necklace' theme -- whereby I attached the beaded piece to fabric and framed it all. This 'picture' is named "Twilight Path" because I used muted purple and green beads in several shapes and sizes. Unfortunately the colors don't show up here very well -- so you'll have to take my word for it.

Any new adventure takes a leap of faith. During the learning process it is often hard to branch out, to 'let myself go' because I'm all involved in the 'rules' and trying to master stitches. As I keep learning the basics of beading I begin to feel more secure with the craft and that allows me to try things that are not exactly as the books had shown.

There is a small book that I would love to recommend to you. It is called "Creative Authenticity" by Ian Roberts. It has nothing to do with beading, but everything to do with creating. I discovered this book several years ago and my copy is now much worn from the times I have read it. It stays by my bed and I'll often read just one chapter before going to sleep. I especially love the chapters "Searching for Beauty" and "Your Craft and Your Voice".

One of his thoughts goes like this: You would not expect to be able to play a violin if one were handed to you, unless you had previous experience. However, with perseverance and practice you could learn to play. The secret is practice, practice, practice. I think it is that way with our craft and art forms. No one would expect someone to be an expert seamstress just by sitting down at the sewing machine so why would we expect to master any other skill or art immediately. So, here I am giving myself the time to practice, practice, practice with those teeny, tiny beads and in so doing I am learning to love beading in all of its forms (many of which I still haven't begun to try).

"Own your own creativity. You are creative with the same juice that flows in all of life. The question is not whether you are creative enough but whether you will free yourself to express it." - Ian Roberts

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