Monday, June 12, 2017

Getting Started

Beginning any project is always exciting.  There are all sorts of possibilities ahead.

And then reality sets in.  This owl is going to be stuffed so I'll need to make a front and back.  This owl is going to 'loosely represent' the "Great Horned Owl".  This owl needs to have thread colors blended.  This owl will require punching from front to back and back to front and constant attention.  At least he'll only be 5-1/2" tall when completed.

This owl  is proving to me that I can be happy while quietly (or not so quietly) driving myself crazy. *smile*

"Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success." - Napolean Hill


  1. You GOT this and are off to a pretty great start. I need to conjure up a new lap project. The lazy days if summer came early! 😎
    Xx, Carol

  2. I agree with Carol, you got this! It will be beautiful!

  3. I love that, Happy while driving oneself crazy!

  4. Oh Penny! He looks gorgeous already!

    It's good to have a challenge...

    ...keeps you on your toes! :-)

    x C

  5. Good, your owl is talking to you. You will both enjoy it more that way!

  6. He looks lovely I think he has enough in his make up to keep you interested. Wish I could see better at the moment.

  7. Amazing new project and he's looking lovely already.

  8. How charming! And I love that he is going to be stuffed!

  9. This is WONDERFUL! Can't wait to see it progress.



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