Monday, June 19, 2017

A Wise Old Owl

Looking so thoughtful and somewhat solemn this creature joins me in the garden.

One loop at time he took shape and form.

I'm so happy to have him in my mini-menagerie.  He will sit on a shelf above my laptop and I suspect we will have many long discussions about life and patience.

"Observe and reflect, become a little wiser every day." - Anonymous


  1. Unbelievably perfect! You've outdone yourself, Penny. He is incredible. So much work, take good care of those punching hands. ;)

  2. He's wonderful, and I am sure he will be a very good listener!

  3. He's great. Some view him as a Work of Art. And, of course he IS. But I picked up on the last sentence of the post. I'm pretty sure you know that I have Animal Totems. I am so sure that when you look at the Owl he WILL bring the patience virtue to mind. Just as my frogs remind me to live simply.
    xx, Carol

  4. Love him - he's absolutely gorgeous!!

  5. LOve him, so much character.

  6. OMG--He is too cute! I like Carol's comment that Owl would make a great Animal Totem--and would be a great listener!



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