Monday, December 19, 2016

Seek and Ye Shall Find

Somewhere in the forest, or along the tideline or in what looks like an empty desert expanse there is treasure.

Many of the treasures are overlooked and some are so well camouflaged they might never be seen.  

One of my upcoming new year resolutions is to 'pay attention' and to 'look'.  Its so easy to walk on by, or to ignore something right in front of me and then one day, the light hits it or my eyes and mind are really and truly open and there it is.

Life is beautiful!

"Look carefully, record what you see.  Find a way to make beauty necessary, find a way to make necessity beautiful." - Anne Michaels


  1. I'm taking this post philosophically...or not. Either way, it's good to open your mind and eyes to what is there for you to see. The real difficulty is to slow you thoughts and clear the way. A good practice especially as the year comes to an end and most concentrate on new beginnings.
    Merry Christmas Week.
    xx, Carol

  2. A beautiful work of art-I'm so glad you are following that path at this time-I also hope you will find a gallery to show your work....Good thoughts too, about really looking at things. Isn't it funny how we can block things out of our sight by what's going on in our heads??!

  3. Thanks Penny! Your reminders to be aware in the moment are always so zen like, a very peaceful philosophy. I love this piece, and I see a tree in the bottom embellishment. :)

  4. Lovely subtle colours, and as you say - there are always beautiful things if we have the eyes to see them.

  5. Beautiful words and images, Penny!



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