Monday, April 27, 2015

"Not" Unlikely

Opening the closet door (or any doors in this house lately) often brings a surprise.  This time it was the hall closet - where the vacuum cleaner resides.  It is probably the least favorite of all of my appliances -- but one must use it occasionally for appearances if for no other reason.

There, seated upon this machine sat an "Unlikely" who was being quite annoying by saying over and over again "vroom, vroom, vroom".  "Okay, enough of that, you're making too much noise".  "But I want to ride this great machine".  

So off we went to the entry way where I vacuumed and he went 'vroom'.  What excitement in such a small package.  After the ride was over I asked his name - turns out it is "Not Unlikely".  I pointed out to him that is a double negative which in this case turned out to be a positive.  I must try to locate him when I vacuum later this week -- he made the whole thing quite fun.

"Its kind of fun to do the impossible." - Walt Disney


  1. Far more fun than a dog jumping around playing with the machine while you are trying to vacuum the dog hair from the carpet!! Nice to have company while you work!
    xx, Carol

  2. ...need one of him here then!!


  3. He could ride my Roomba (and how did I ever live without it--it is the best defense against cat hair, and I don't have to do a thing but empty it). What a doll this Unlikely is, and of course, I love his hat!

  4. Yes, Chris said it all...I also need one here! Otherwise I am not "likely" to do any vacuuming. Lol. I love the fabric on these dolls, the grain especially on the faces adds such a nice texture.

  5. Anyone and anything that can make vacuuming fun is Extremely Talented (if noisy!).

  6. this is an especially lovely little unlikely, love one here to help as vacuuming really is on the "primary carer's" radar.

  7. That's adorable - reminds me of my vehicle loving eldest! So pleased he was able to make your chore more fun!!

  8. charming little fellow! now if you can just get HIM to do the vacuuming! ;)



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