Friday, April 24, 2015

Guess what...

...the spring/summer issue of PRIMS arrived the other day.  Right on the cover The Ladies of Lickety-Split were announced. Wow!!!

Turning the pages I  soon found their pictures and stories.  What fun to see them again after all these months.

Packing them up back in October was bittersweet.  I actually felt like I was sending my own children off to summer camp. I'm sure when they get back I'll have to listen endlessly to their adventures.  After all, it isn't often that a Lickety-Split lady gets to travel all the way to California. 

They will be arriving home soon now and I imagine the city will want to give them a ticker tape parade.  Oh my, I'll bet I'm the one who ends up cleaning up afterward, perhaps we could think of some other way to celebrate their return.

"The celebration...you cannot practice it or anything.  It's a moment when the excitement of your goal makes you react to the moment." - Peter Bondra


  1. Congratulations! will have to try and get a copy.

  2. I was sure something like this would happen, Penny. Your work is just too good not to be published and shared far and wide. CONGRATULATIONS! To you and to the LADIES! Now, when they are back home and tell you of their adventures, be sure to take notes and put them into a book. I will buy the first copy, signed by the author please.

  3. Can't wait to grab a copy! It's a wonderful tribute to your talent. Each personality inspires creation of the next!

    I am Certainly Certain that you will find some inspiring less messy way to welcome the celebrities home.
    xx, Carol

  4. Wonderful, Penny! I must order a copy--the pictures look delightful!

  5. phylliskingartworks@nc.rr.comApril 24, 2015 at 5:23 PM

    BIG congratulations, Penny!!! My copy of Prims is in the mail; your dolls are wonderful and now you will be inundated with orders for them. You are all famous now!!! Thanks for the work and sharing your talents this way with so many other fabric artists. Think about that book!!!

  6. Fantastic - so pleased for you and they look amazing in the magazine! Perhaps a nice tea party when they return, with plates of dainty cakes and miniature sandwiches with the crusts cut off!!

  7. Wow! you're famous!! Congratulations to you and the girls :)

  8. Yes!! How wonderful, congratulations! Love the stories and of course the Ladies!

  9. Well, congratulations - and safe journey home to the Ladies of Lickety-Split!



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