Monday, November 17, 2014

Luna Moon

The newest resident in the boarding house is Luna Moon.  She is so thrilled because she was able to rent the attic room - which has a lovely window, high enough that she can see the moon in all its phases.

As a child Luna would look out her bedroom window, which was right beside her bed, and gaze at the silvery orb of the moon.  Many wishes and dreams were carried out before her eyes grew heavy and she went to sleep.

These day she absolutely refuses to believe the stories of men on the moon and that its surface is barren rock.  Luna is caught up in moonlight and no amount of science will dissuade her. I think I might even see a few moonbeams in her hair.  Shhh, please don't take her dreams away. 

"Aim for the moon.  If you miss, you may hit a star." - W. Clement Stone


  1. She's magical. :o) I hope she never has her dreams shattered.

  2. Oh my! How did I miss this?! I beg Luna Moons forgiveness, especially since I am also a Moon Child. I want to move into that boarding house attic room and look out at the moon every night. I'd have moonbeams in my hair too! Fabulous new resident of Lickety Split!



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