Monday, August 11, 2014

Tilda Timeless

Earlier this summer Miss Tilda Timeless tendered her resignation from her long-time teaching job at the local elementary school.  Thus ended thirty years of regimentation. Each morning the alarm clock rang, then the school bells and buzzers  rang off and on throughout the day.  When the bell rang at lunch time, she would herd her little scalawags into the cafeteria while she ran to the teacher’s lounge to grab a bite of a sandwich – seemingly before she’d taken even one bite, the bell rang again and she gathered up her charges to go  out onto the playground.  Every minute, every second, monitored carefully each and every day.

On the auspicious day of her retirement (at which they gave her a gold watch) she stepped inside her house with a mission.  She promptly removed the hands on all the clocks and watches that she owned.  She smiled and she sang as she rampaged through her drawers, jewelry hooks and walls – taking down clocks, pulling out watches (some of which didn’t even work anymore).  She carefully unscrewed or snipped off each and every hand and then proudly hung one 'handless' watch face around her neck to show off her freedom.

I guess you could say that day was the end of time for Miss Tilda Timeworthy.

"Clock watchers never seem to be having a good time." - James Cash Penney


  1. What a great story. This Tilly has courage!! I'm wondering how she will spend her days. I hope she has a pond or river to dip her toes into.
    xx, Carol

  2. Oh, I'm absolutely in love with Tilda! As a retired teacher, I can so understand the power of the bell!

  3. Fabulous Penny! I think Tilda needs to star in a children's book. As a story Teller and doll maker myself - this post stole my heart! I absolutely love it!!

  4. Goodness, Tilda has the right idea, doesn't she!

  5. Oh my! Wifi has been iffy here, and I couldn't get on yesterday. I knew there was something special waiting, and boy I was right! I agree with Laurena, I feel a children's book series with Tilda finding her way through the rest of her life, clock hands in her pocket all the way! I can so relate to the regimentation of teaching, having done that, and the freedom from it at the end of a teaching day. I'm with Carol, what will she do? Does she live in Lickety Split? Penny, this is a series just waiting to be published!!

  6. PS...in my enthusiasm for Tilda being the first in a Lickety Split series, I forgot to say, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her face with top knot hair, roughed cheeks, skinny nose, and mouth. And most of all...those button eyes! :) genius, Penny, Tilda needs to share her story and life when the whole village is populated. Lickety Split must be in your dreams, such a fertile imagination you have!

  7. Penny... "Miss Tilda" is, well,,, a timeless treasure! Daryle



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