Friday, August 8, 2014

The Village of Lickety-Split

Welcome to the small town of Lickety-Split (you probably won't find it on any maps).  This is a quaint village which seems to have a preponderance of woman ‘of a certain age’. It seems that every woman in Lickety-split has her own distinct personality -some easy to take, others not so much.  Most of these women are at the point in their  lives where they feel they have come into their own.  Moving at their own pace and time, many of them creating their own little worlds within this quiet village.  I'll soon be passing along  a few of their stories.

“A civilized society is one which tolerates eccentricity to the point of doubtful sanity.” – Robert Frost


  1. Oh, This is gonna be GOOD! I'm thinking I will find myself in one of your characters because I have certainly reached that "age". Actually, I think I'll see my self in more than one, depending on what day it is ~lol~
    xx, Carol

  2. :) If I visit, I will probably refuse to leave Lickety-Split. I'm sure some of best friends are already there.

    Love the Frost quote!

  3. I'm with Carol, but way beyond that age! I absolutely love this, and your imagination Penny, cannot wait to see this mythical village populated. Sort of reminds me of Brigadoon, where I've wanted to live ever since seeing the movie!

  4. I have a feeling I was born there...!



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