Monday, December 16, 2013

Tis the Season

I'm late this year!  Christmas is creeping upon me -- and I haven't even done my Christmas cards yet.  Where do the days go? 

And so my needles and threads have been pushed aside and I am spending this day writing cards with the goal of putting them all in the mail tomorrow.  While gifts are important to many -- I value Christmas cards.  Having lived as long as I have I know that gifts come and go but the contacts and relationships that we make with people along the way are one of the most important gifts we can give ourselves.  

Okay - I've postponed this long enough and its back to card writing.  

"Christmas isn't a season.  Its a feeling." - Edna Ferber


  1. It's been a fairly frantic year, I agree. I've managed most of the Christmas cards, but there are always a few that I end up tackling at the last minute because they are delivered by hand!

  2. I so agree with you about old friends and their importance - and staying in touch through Christmas cards is essential to me too.
    I've made ours as I always do now we have to write them and by Wednesday if they are to arrive by Christmas.
    Happy times!

  3. I have just been writing cards as well, we always miss the last posting date for those going abroad but its important to keep in touch.
    Nearly missed out on getting a turkey, we are so behind this year, managed to reserve the last one after trolling around about five shops.
    Happy days!

  4. So glad I'm not alone in the quickly moving by Christmas time table.


  5. My Christmas cards are still yet to be written and it's not going to happen tonight as we're going to see my middle one sing as part of her choir in a carol service at Lincoln Cathedral!

  6. Merry Card Writing!!! I'm so bad about Christmas cards. I eliminated sending them several years ago and opted for Valentines. There is far more time in February to compose a meaningful greeting.

    Been suffering with my usual bug before the holiday.

  7. I agree Penny, although I haven't been able to get cards done in a number of years. I will not he here for a couple weeks, tending to things in NC for my Dad's funeral and then our own family gathering at our home for Christmas. Much love and hugs to all, enjoy the season! Until later...Barb



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