Monday, March 4, 2013

If You Only Knew!

If you only knew how many 'heads' I have made over the past few weeks!  These are a few...

...and here are more.  Each one a 'search' for perfection.

They sit here waiting for their final coatings...

...they sit here ready for arms and a body.

Each head has seemed like an interminable practice.  I finally had to talk to myself, other than my usual mutterings, reminding 'me' that these are not molds, they are each hand created.  Some will be to my liking, some will have fatal flaws and some will be 'okay' and perhaps that is what creativity is all about!

"Even imperfection itself may have its ideal or perfect state." - Thomas de Quincey


  1. Even the ones you are less happy with may have character and personality, and remember to give yourself a breather before you make final assessments!

  2. When I need a face, USUALLY, I make it from clay and not from a mold. I know what you mean about looking for that face that suits the current purpose. However, and I think you know this as well, when you put the rejects aside, you usually find one of the is perfect for another project. We discriminate too much sometimes and I am glad you reminded yourself that each face has its own character.
    xx, Carol

  3. I agree, just like imperfect people, each has it's own redeeming qualities and unique character. Oh, how I'd love to be a fly on the wall in the middle of the night when I picture these heads all coming to life and chatting with each other! ;)))

  4. I think the fact that they're all so very different is a triumph! It's so easy to fall into a pattern of very similar outcomes. And also what appeals to you isn't necessarily what appeals to others, otherwise we'd all be in love with the same people!

  5. Penny, these are wonderful! Each unique and 'imperfect' as we all are...which is what makes us so interesting and beautiful.

  6. Wow- that's a whole lotta doll heads! I love it!
    Can you send me some of your motivation pleaase! :0)



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