Thursday, March 21, 2013

"Earth Song"

The earth is filled with song.   Sometimes it takes a quiet soul to listen.  Some sounds I hear nearby are the plop of frogs jumping back into the pond; the crackle of dried leaves underfoot; the sound of rain on the roof and the chimes ringing outside when the a breeze blows.

There are of course noisier sounds around me.  The heavy sound of thunder and crackle of lightening; the worrisome 'crack' as a tree branch breaks under the weight of snow or ice; the loud cawing of crows, making themselves heard every morning.

I know there are sounds within the forest that I cannot or do not hear but I continue to listen just in case they make themselves heard to me.

"The longer one is alone, the easier it is to hear the song of the earth."  - Robert Anton Wilson


  1. Ah, Penny, I love the peaceful look on Earthsong's face, indeed all of the dolls you are making now. He looks like he is listening for earth sounds as well, perhaps they come to him through his turquoise "antenna"? Then he processes them downward into music. Don't mind me, just my imagination running wild again. I suspect this guy doesn't take part in the middle of the night chatter. He's the one doing the listening. :)

  2. A contemplative looking fellow, for sure. He obviously learnt well:

    The wise old owl
    Sat in an oak
    The more he heard
    The less he spoke

    The less he spoke
    The more he heard
    Why can't we be likee
    That wise old bird?

    (No idea who wrote it, my mother taught it to me when I was Very Small!)

  3. Rachel's poem is so appropriate for this post, isn't it. I like that he is a stump doll, standing stoically, almost standing guard lest someone breaks the not so silent nature he is listening too. I also love the paper you chose. I'm not a paper crafter and I really love the look of print barely washed with paint with the print showing.
    xx, Carol



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