Monday, October 17, 2011

Our Special Visitor

Have you ever seen a white squirrel before?  I hadn't until we moved to this area - in fact I didn't even know that there existed such a beautiful creature.  There are several tales of how this breed came to be in the area  - the one that seems to hold people's interest the most is that someone from a circus brought them to town.  I sort of like the idea that a few of these intrepid critters might have escaped from the confines of a circus side show and made their home here in these hills.

We don't regularly feed the birds - but we do have this clay tray where we place left over cereal or crackers or even some nuts - as you can see this character is dining in style.

I can't tell the difference between one or the other so I'm not sure exactly how many we have here in our yard.  I do know that there is one that visits our front yard, right outside the front door, every evening.  He loves to play in the moss, looking for seeds, acorns, etc.  We also have a very small pond there and I'm sure he stops by for a drink. I try to stay discreetly in the background so that he'll continue to come back each evening.

"The world is mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful." - e. e. cummings


  1. I love the little red squirrels, but the white ones look gorgeous!

  2. There was one white squirrel hanging around the street but we have not seen it lately. I think ours was an albino and not a breed. Yours look adorable.

  3. Oh, he is such a special critter!! Not even Albino! Again, I am telling you how lucky you are. I have never even seen a picture of a white squirrel before, though I did personally see a white skunk...gladly from a distance!

  4. Just jumped over from another blog to see these amazing photos of white squirrels which ive never seen before...hubby says we have them here in england!!

  5. oh ...he is so cute.xxwonder how they manage to stay alive when they are so noticable in the trees?xxthanks for sharing this image. Never seen a white squirrel beforexx

  6. We have tons of squirrels in NJ, but I've never seen a white one anywhere! How cute! We feed the birds, and the squirrels can empty a bird feeder very quickly; but I remind both of us that they have to eat too. It's so nice that you put food out just for them.



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