Monday, October 31, 2011

A 'Cuff' Prototype

This is my first punchneedle cuff bracelet.  I made this prototype to fit my very small wrist - more will follow in sizes that most people can actually wear.

I've never used punchneedle in this way - but by the time I finished I could actually say "it worked"!  That isn't always the case, and when it does it rates an extra square of chocolate as a reward *smile*.

I began the design by punching to the dimensions necessary for the bracelet.  After punching I added decorative fiber.  Once the punching was finished I added a shank button and created a thin cord to use as a loop closure.  I attached that to the back and then secured felt to the back of the bracelet.  Last step - stitch around the edges of the felt and punchneedle.

I'm hoping for a little more decorative fiber and brighter colors with some of the upcoming bracelets.  Also I'd like to add a few beads or other adornments.  Guess its back to searching through my 'stash of stuff' (*smile*). 

"Beauty is whatever gives joy". - Edna St. Vincnet Millay


  1. It is really lovely. Nice work. And yes, very small!

  2. Great idea Penny!...

    ...and a lovely result too :-))

  3. This is perfect, Penny! Hey, I have a very, very small wrist too, keep making them in ALL sizes. ;)
    I love the colors on this one, seem partial to purples these days.

  4. Oh, great idea, Penny...they will be snapped up at your show!

  5. I am CRAZY about this. I look forward to seeing how your style progresses.

  6. Lovely colours and textures.

  7. That looks like a very successful concept - well done!



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