Monday, April 3, 2017

Morning Sky

Washing dishes can often be a great joy to me.  The window over the kitchen sink faces into the woods.  There is always something wonderful to look at but...

...this day I was greeted by the sun shining on puffs of clouds turning them all pink and gold and orange.  

To begin my day in this manner is a gift.

"What a wonderful day.  I've never seen this one before" - Maya Angelou


  1. Well, you are so right. Each morning sky IS a blessing. My sink is not in front of window so I receive my blessing from my patio door windows. Right now I'm watching the antics of a squirrel stealing suet from my birds. He turns to sit and watch me, and then goes back to it when he sees I don't get up to chase him off. We ALL have to eat, don't we? The woodpeckers don't seem to mind.
    xx, Carol

  2. To be able to embrace the potential of each day is the very best way to live!

  3. What an inviting way to start the morning; even if there are dishes to wash!

  4. I've always enjoyed having a kitchen window no matter where I live. Right now though, as I look out I see a house across the street and I always hope they don't see me, and think I'm spying (which I am, LOL) just kidding! :)



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