Monday, April 24, 2017

Ahhhh Spring!

I've spent some time translating Spring into punchneedle over the past couple of months. I think this one is my very favorite, so far.

Periwinkle blue and a green the shade of the newest leaves outside my window, bring this Spring kite to life.

"The beautiful spring came; and when nature resumes her loveliness, the human soul is apt to revive also." Harriet Ann Jacobs


  1. Periwinkle. One of my very favorite colors. Is it blue or a shade of purple. You can hardly ever find clothes or cloth in that shade. I would surround myself in it if I could. But then teal would be mad. Nothing says Spring like kites unless it's a sunny day that hits 70 degrees when 63 is the normal. I'll be weeding and talking to my frogs today. I counted 10 yesterday. I'm going to post a pic of frog eggs soon. You won't believe how frogs lay eggs!!
    Happy Spring
    xx, Carol

  2. I'm with Carol, my most favorite color! So glad you have enjoyed this kite series as much as we have. This one is especially beautiful with the flowers giving it a 3-D effect. If you still have them all (know how you enjoy "gifting" your creations) a photo of them together would be so special. Do you think you will ever switch gears from punch needle? It feels like you have really found what you enjoy doing the most. We love it too!

  3. The blue is lovely, but bright Spring green lifts the heart.

  4. A kite and flowers--images of spring and hope!



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