Friday, December 4, 2015

Who Would Have Thought?

These days, as I play with rabbits, testing, trying, stitching, photographing I wonder what I have become.  Yes, I've dabbled with lots of craft but as you know I've been a doll maker longer than any other 'thing' I've taken up.

For a long time I didn't even like calling myself a doll maker -- and always said it with a quick back-up statement about what kind of dolls I made.  Otherwise I would get that look from my listener like they wanted to pat me on head and say "oh that's nice".  

Then rabbits came into my life.  I would never, ever have thought that I would make a rabbit (although I did make a couple of stuffed animals for my son way back when). But I was enchanted with the idea of making rabbits and there I find myself.

And then I made an even different transition - 'to the small'.  The hold-in-the- palm-of-your-hand small.   I'm loving it - every minute of it.  Lots of hand sewing because of the size, lots of moving these poor old fingers through the turning of very small pieces and parts.  

But most importantly  -- lots of fun!!

"Out there things can happen, and frequently do,
To people as brainy and footsy as you.
And when things start to happen, don't worry, don't stew.
Just go right along, you'll start happening too!" 
- Dr. Seuss


  1. A doll maker of the finest sort!

  2. Ah, so much more than 'dolls' although I have loved dolls my whole, entire life. For me, my earliest memories..besides playing with my menageries of real life cats.was playing with my beloved dolls. I made faraway lands from old books and my dolls and I would climb inside and imagine the walls and worlds away from cold and snowy and often lonely world outside my Alaskan childhood home in the winter. Now, I see them all as the magical, mystical beings that they are. I love yours, and as I have said, I have bunnies and rabbit, rabbit, hare, hares all over my house. But my little faerie/elf/mystical 'Fly' is so lovely and to know she came from your heart and your hands, makes her lovelier still. So, yes to all lovelies of all kinds and I welcome both old and new ones you create into my heart and into my life with joy!

  3. I love smalls. The tiny things. Mysterious little creatures with big ears. And I love Makers--who bring the tiny things to life. Go, Penny!

  4. Yep, dolls. I love making dolls though I haven't really made them for a few years except special gifts. I love tiny and used to make hold in your hand bears. Smalls are a great take along project too if you plan for the occasion. AND...you can tuck Smalls in just about anywhere!!

    HO HO HO

  5. Seeing your rabbits appear on my screen has been a joy in my life these days. I can see them progressing and becoming very real to life-certainly treasures. There's something about holding a creation in your hand that YOU have made-it's awesome. I love my little red-haired 'magic' girl that you made. I have her hanging over my sewing machine.
    Love the quote from Dr. Seuss-how true are those words!

  6. The world turns and we change and our ideas change with us..

  7. I love small and these are adorable. So pleased they are bringing you so much joy.

  8. It is a real joy and inspiration to see someone having so much fun creating. Your little bunnies reflect the fun you're having!! this post really made me smile.



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