Monday, December 14, 2015

Ruffles and Ribbons Rabbit

Hey there!!  What are you doing in my very special suitcase?  There is every manner of precious lace and ribbon and oh, just general treasures. Its not a 'rabbit' nest after all.

I believe it should be off limits to rabbits – but then again I hate to deny them a little fabric and frou frou frolic.  So go ahead, stir it all up, make a nest and have fun.  I shall straighten it out later.

"Whoever said less is more never had dessert and never bought fabric." - Carrie Nelson


  1. OH NO!! Haven't you been watching the news? I heard this morning that there is another Waskaly Wabbit on the loose. Seems she finds your stash and makes a nest. She makes you feel sorry for her thinking she never had such a splendid bed. Once she has your confidence...Poof!! She is gone and so is your Stash!! If I were you I would hurry and gift her a necklace that is really a rabbit leash. I know, I know it sounds cruel, but you've been collecting those treasures for a looooong time!!
    Merry Christmas

  2. I love wabbits....especially ones wapped in rabwic!! :-)

    x C

  3. My, my, my SOMEONE is having waaaaay too much fun over here {{ wink }}

  4. I just love the faces you make on your rabbits. This one has a pretty place to play....

  5. What a wonderful place to play. You might find some missing.



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