Friday, June 5, 2015

The Sense of Touch

The sense of touch is with me all the time -- right there in the tips of my fingers.  But how often do I pause to accept it, to actually feel what I am touching?  Every day, fabric and thread flow through my fingers and I hardly think about it.  Every day I feel the warmth of my tea cup, the softness of my pajamas, the heaviness of a blanket at night - without thought.

One touch I never take for granted is the touch of another person's hand.  Whether it is the other person taking my hand or me taking theirs -- that touch stays with me all day.  It is a connection that I hope I never ever ignore.

 Am I perhaps drawn to fiber arts because of the textures? Am I drawn outside to touch the grasses or the flowers because touching them makes me feel even more alive? Do I stroke a baby's cheek in honor of her/his life?  Touch is a sense that I hope to think about more in the coming days.

"On the unconscious level, touch seems to impart a subliminal sense of caring and connection." - Leonard Mlodinow


  1. I'm certainly drawn to textiles because of the textures!

  2. Holding ones hand can be so securing. You are so right about the sense of touch. Just think about how many times during the day you reach to touch things that attract your attention.
    xx, Carol

  3. Penny... thank you for this insightful post. Years ago, when I worked with hospice services, I came across this; it was written by Susan Esleman. It reads, in part: "The touching of hands is an ancient ritual, written deep within us. As greeting it welcomes us into the intimacy of others. As farewell it assures us that we will be missed. In grief it speaks of our common hurt; in love it is silent sure sharing, needing no words.... The touching of hands is no small thing; it is the sharing of life with life."
    Neat, huh? Daryle

  4. Merkel endings (fine touch receptors) are found mostly in the lips, tongue, and finger tips. While all touch is important for various reasons, the fine receptors in our finger tips are why we love to run our fingers over textures. I love texture in fabric and in embroidery on fabric--all those French knots just call to finger tips.

    But holding hands? I think that touches the heart. :)

  5. A very thought provoking post, Penny. I for one, am vey attracted to certain fabrics for their "hand" .... and unashamedly swoon over certain textures. Touch is a potent sense indeed and I'm sure most of us take most of it for granted. Thank you for the little nudge to pay better attention ;>)

  6. Touch goes even further than its literal definition. Common sayings like "stay in touch" and "your words touched my heart" speak of that. Very neat!



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