Monday, June 15, 2015

Practice Patience

Quietly, but not always calmly, I labored over this new design.  At the very beginning, before I even cut fabric or took a stitch I decided to put words or phrases on each doll.  Words that would reflect 'living' ideas I'd like to delve into deeper.  The phrase 'practice patience' was the first one I came up with.  I have no idea why, but it fulfilled a prophecy as I began this new design.

Sometimes, knowing what you want to do and actually being able to do it, does not happen.  But I persevered.  Through linen that kept wanting to squizzle beneath the sewing machine foot to the previously read story about faces.  It almost seemed that this doll was not meant to be and yet I just knew I had to make her.

And so, between the two of us we pushed onward.  Now she sits upon a shelf and serves as a reminder that patience can work.  Sometimes you have to 'settle' for something a bit different than your original dream - and that's not a bad thing.

"Patience is the art of hoping." - Luc de Clapiers


  1. She's a great reminder. I used to think that I was an impatient person...but that was long ago. Or maybe I learned patience as I grew older. Or maybe I mistook some other attribute for impatience..who knows now. But here I am, patiently waiting. For what you ask? EVERYTHING!! LOL!! Perhaps I have a virtue I never thought about!

    Have a wonderful day.
    xx, Carol

  2. She turned out well!

    (I think we've got to an age where patience isn't SO much of a problem any more :-)

    x C

  3. I think "waiting" for what is yet to come is part of being human. It's, in a way, partly due to our fascination of the unknown, and it does require patience. However, I think being content with what is in the here and now is more desirable. Few of us know how to do that though. Looks as if you new doll has learned that. She has a very content serene face.

  4. Nothing worth doing was ever entirely straightforward. Your patience has borne a lovely fruit.

  5. Oh, she is a little gem.
    Caught up in words meself these days ... poetry mainly, discovering wordsmiths I've never heard of before & being astounded by them. We must have something to say, eh?!

  6. Time and time again when I write, I find the fabric of the story challenging me to write the story it wants to tell - what you're saying is very familiar!

  7. For me, patience is a difficulty - no matter my age. Your sweet doll is a lovely reminder of both patience and perseverance. Did you name her Patience?



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