Friday, May 8, 2015

A Spring Morning

As each season arrives I think to myself 'this is my favorite time of the year'.  Then as the season goes on I get tired of the snow or the heat or the whatever...  I guess I just love the changes of the seasons. Here I am on a spring morning.  The picture above was taken from my kitchen window - looking out at the tops of the trees in their vivid bright green foliage.

Starting out on my walk - I stop at the end of our driveway to savor the irises and flame azaleas all in full bloom.

As I walk up the hill I surprise both a squirrel and a rabbit.  Usually they dash off as soon as they sense I am near, but these must have know that I had no ill intentions and they sat pretty still.

Looking up into the sky I stood still looking at the burgeoning clouds, which threaten a sprinkle or two and the blue sky behind the clouds.

This is the time in the forest where I can actually see something through the trees as they haven't all leafed out.  Its the best time ever with new leaves, new flowers and young animals savoring this spring morning.  

"I need the seasons to live to the rhythm of rain and sun." - Sophie Marceau


  1. Nice pics. I like season change, but I could do without the cold and snow of winter. I hate the end of that season too because the landscape is so ugly and dirty. I do like when the leaves begin to sprout anew. But I would love summer and 80 degrees all year 'round. Heaven to me!

    Hope your forecast for the weekend is a good one.
    xx, Carol

  2. And creeping out into the spring world behind you, giggling slightly and nudging each other are all the little Unlikelys, revelling in the change of the seasons too.

  3. Lovely! Flora and fauna. Love the quote!

  4. Nature is so beautiful at the moment. Everything so fresh and green and innocent!!!
    Happy gardener greetings

  5. The only season I grow weary of after a while is summer - the heat and humidity and biting insects - but I still love it too :) Thank you for sharing your lovely morning walk :)

  6. Thank you for your comment Elisabeth. I popped over to your blog and it is wonderful. To all of you, I suggest a wander over there http/tantemalisgartenblog.blogspot.com (I'm sorry I can't really do a link here).

  7. Early spring is particularly lovely, because the foliage is light enough that you can actually see things!



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