Monday, December 8, 2014

Mother Murphy

I've been remiss in not introducing the owner and manager of Muddle House. She goes by 'Mother' 'Murphy because she raised eleven children of her own and was the neighborhood mother who let everyone play at her house.  So it was natural that after Mr. Murphy passed on (probably from shear exhaustion) she should open a boarding house.  A perfect place to take in dreamers and misfits. 

Of course it also helped that she finally, after 25 years of playing, won the Lottery!!  It gave her enough to remodel the Muddle House, settle in and wait for her tenants to appear on her doorstep. 

Fortunately, those who aren't so proficient at looking after themselves now have a happy, warm place to go.  Couldn't we all, at various times, use a Mother Murphy?

"A woman is the full circle.  Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform." - Diane Mariechild


  1. Mother Murphy looks GREAT after raising 11 children. She is the epitome of sharing abundance! And nary a grey hair!!

    You are certainly creating a well rounded community of unique personalities. I am enjoying each introduction.
    xx, Carol

  2. I love the little green beads in her hair! Oh, and the button at her throat! She is delightful, Penny.

  3. Ditto Carol, I'm so enjoying Lickety Split's population. Mother Murphy looks so serene. I love her sweet face, and the button is perfect. Yup, we all need one now and then!

  4. And now she's going to be mothering a whole host more!

    She's lovely - the button at her neck is a delightful little flourish!

  5. She has such a lovely face. :o)

  6. I'm so glad Mother Murphy is in charge. We all need some looking after, and she seems the perfect one!



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