Friday, December 12, 2014

Diary of a Mad Stitcher

Anyone walking into my studio these days would think I'd gone mad - especially given my usual reputation for organization.  Indeed - I've felt a bit 'mad' - not in the angry way, but in the crazy way.

In working on a new group of 'people' my ideas and thoughts have been in overdrive.  Trying to accommodate the style to the fabric that I have on hand wasn't working.  While  this pile of clothes might look like laundry to be done it is really men's shirts in wonderful fabrics that I found at the Goodwill Shop.  Buttons removed they are awaiting their washing, then staining and then who knows what.

Meanwhile, I suspect I'm going to have to tackle my work table as it seems to have a mind of its own lately or else its reflecting my insecurities and craziness.  

"To find a form that accommodates the mess, that is the task of the artist now." - Samuel Beckett


  1. You might find that out of the chaos, some wonderful ideas emerge!

  2. Love using goodwill clothes,and buttons! This looks like fun!

  3. Anticipating good things from chaos!

  4. I'm sure it'll all come good!

  5. Two things, I LOVE Sameul Becketts quote, and did I read that right --a new group of people? Be still my heart!

  6. Your "mess" looks so organized to me. I suppose it's all relative!

    It looks like your new group of people will have a wonderfully creative start on life!

    Cheers to wonderful creative messes.



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