Monday, November 18, 2013

My Inner Child

My inner child is coming out once again.

New little figures are popping up in my head -- and like any child they just have to come out to play.

This time, I'm thinking that to combine figures with punchneedle would be a divine way to spend the upcoming winter.  

Like a mad scientist I'm experimenting - asking myself over and over again 'what if...' 

As always you will be the first to know if anything happens during this particular 'coming out party'.

"Consciousness is the glory of creation." - James Broughton


  1. Lol, coming out party! I just know, as always when these ideas start jostling in your head, that creative genius will be the result. Can you finish King Joy for the holidays? He's perfect!

  2. "What if?" is a very productive question, isn't it..!

  3. Way to go Penny, The 'what if' question always seems to come up with interesting answers. Finding your inner child is a similar question in a way its a way of letting go, experimenting. Looking forward to seeing 'Joy' completed.

  4. Yes - experimenting and letting go are two very important components to any work. In this case 'joy' as such may never be completed as I'm using this one as a prototype, more for what I can do within the parameters of punchneedle. Once I've figured out my physical/technical limitations who knows what will crop up. Therein lies the 'what if'!

  5. The bubbling excitement coming through your post has really made me smile. Lovely to see your creative spirit shining so brightly and joyfully. Whatever comes of this, it's clear you're going to enjoy it!

  6. HA! That "what-if" stuff can lead to all sorts of [excellent] trouble ;>]]

    And that mad scientist photo has got to be one of THE BEST I've ever seen!



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