Thursday, June 27, 2013

Moving Forward

Do you remember a blog I did quite awhile ago, where I proudly showed off my jars of floss and threads?  This, for a long time, was the way I stored these items.  Each time I started a new piece I would empty a jar, paw through it and dig out the colors/hues/tones that I wanted to use - then run off to the embroidery shop for more floss.

As I inch my way back into the play of punchneedle I decided that there was probably a better way, perhaps a more 'adult' 'organized' approach.  With this in mind I went shopping and found this inexpensive rolling set of drawers.  I liked it because the drawers were of a good size but flat rather than deep - much easier to see.

So the 'fun' began as I dumped, sorted, labeled baggies and put skein after skein into its carefully prepped new home.  Of course organization is always preceded by disorganization and I certainly accomplished that.

At this point I have bag after bag, drawer after drawer all ready for my perusal.  As a design is developed I can see at a glance what I have on hand and know what more I will need. 

Will it be as much fun as dumping the floss all over the table and going through it - probably not - but certainly I feel quite righteous in my organization! *smile*

"There are many ways of going forward, but only one way of standing still." - Franklin D. Roosevelt


  1. It's been my experience that about every ten years I completely rearrange my thread storage. What I'm not sure of is whether the current system really is an improvement on the previous ones!

  2. I love this...someone besides me who spends as much time organizing supplies and workspace as actually working! Clutter disables me, so I need a rhyme and reason to my supplies. Now to just get busy using them!

  3. What fun you're having!!

    ...and I bet you STILL won't have all the floss you need!! :-)

    x C

  4. OH! Rolling or stationary plastic drawer and tiny totes are a joke in my house. I tell Terry he never saw a tool he didn't want. He tells me just as many as the plastic drawers I love...I want more! I want more!!

    My floss is in drawers, but not organized within. :(

  5. I love the sorting out just as much as the project sometimes. Trouble is, then I see things that spark off more ideas that there are hours in the day for!


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