Thursday, May 23, 2013


This morning I walked into my studio to this sight.  The sun coming in through the trees, casting shadows upon my play area and the needlework waiting for me.  What better way to start the day.
I'm currently working this bird design.  Although its pretty laborious because of the small spots on his body, its working up well and I'm having so much fun plying my needle in and out. 

Because of the design I realized almost as soon as I began, that it would look much better as a 'reverse' punchneedle design.  The loops on the other side would not show the delineation of the design at all -- but the flat reverse punchneedle works quite well.

Stitchery and creativity bring me such peace and joy - and I'm especially thankful for this little spot in the world where I'm allowed to spend my days.

"A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song." - Lou Holtz


  1. I'm always happy to make a short visit with you over here, Penny, to see what you're up to. For some reason I'm feeling gladness about the punchneedle ... about you doing it again. All the while, the little ditty bag you made still hangs above my work table, still filled with assorted bits of embellishment (although a different batch from where it began). A special treasure ;>]]

    This is fine, fine bird!

  2. Your bird is coming together beautifully, and it's so good to have sun shining on the work, isn't it!

  3. The Sun!! My welcome friend has been visiting me TOO!

    The birds are looking great. Christi's comment made me wonder about punchneedle. You just never see crafty bloggers doing punchneedle. I wonder why.
    xx, Carol

  4. Liking this little bird very much and terribly envious of your lovely calm, welcoming work space.

  5. Love the bird. I am very partial to birds, this is going to be wonderful! About a zillion years ago I embroidered a pair of my jeans with ancient native american bird designs. I loved those jeans, and when they became worn and thread bare I added even more birds, I wonder what ever became of them? most likely they have disintegrated into the ether...



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