Thursday, May 16, 2013

Desert Trees

If you've been a long-time visitor to my blog you know that I have a fascination with trees - or at least the trunks of trees.  I'm always looking for patterns in them and marveling at their shapes, forms and textures.

Our recent trip to the southwest desert allowed me many 'tree events'.  Desert trees are always very inspiring to me.  They are constantly subjected to the forces of nature.  Sun, rain, snow and especially wind can shape these beauties into 'twisty' forms that leave me in awe.

We found this lovely winter white tree in Nevada.  When we asked its name we were told it was the "Snowball" tree.  Its blooms, as they fall from the tree, leave the sidewalks and yards covered with white petals.  Doesn't the trunk look like its advertising winter all year long?  Although it might look like someone has carved into this tree to make the designs it has formed these markings in its bark all by itself.

This pine tree was found on the plains that surround the drop into the Rio Grande River.  Very blustery there and as you can see the wind has been playing games by twisting its trunk into lovely, intricate shapes.

"To touch the earth is to have harmony with nature." - Oglala Sioux


  1. I never thought of the wind having an effect on twisted tree trunks, but of course! I also love trees, thanks for this, Penny!

  2. Trees in blustery places always look like illustrations by Arthur Rackham, don't they..

  3. Wonderful pictures. You know, your posting about trees is so cool. I find trees fascinating. There is a yard in our area with a stand of white birch. I always admire them (I love white birch and used to have them but I can't talk about that, one of the few times I have been mad at Terry beyond words!). The next time I go by that yard, I'm going to take a picture. Don't know why I haven't done so before.



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