Monday, April 29, 2013

Flitting Away

Thanks to Google Images
Tomorrow we'll be flying out west.  Hopefully our transportation will turn out to be more substantial than this one appears to be.

As it happens we'll be visiting Taos, New Mexico where Kit Carson once had a home and then move on to Nevada where we'll again encounter Kit Carson, this time in statue form dedicated to his presence in that area.  That guy really got around!

See you in a little while...

"I have seized the light.  I have arrested its flight." - Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre


  1. OK, fly away...have your fun...go see Kit...find a red rock and something fun to use in a found item punch project..go ahead...enjoy yourself.

    Be safe
    xx, Carol

  2. Hope you have a wonderful break and return refreshed and full of creative zing!

  3. Yes indeed, a more substantial form of transport seems a very good idea!

  4. Have a great trip, Penny, and bring back lots of inspiration! I hope you have someone checking on "Penny's People" so they don't get too rambunctious in your absence. ;)



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