Monday, December 19, 2011

Working The Design

Often, as I work, the design morphs into something else -- it can be a change of color, the 'finding' of the perfect embellishment or even the whole theme changing as I punch.  I like to think of it as a river finding a new path.  That's the thrilling part of creating - to not know until the very last stitch is taken exactly what you're going to see.

This piece involves reverse punchneedle in a couple of sections - something I've thought about but never actually tried.  If you're not familiar with the in's and out's of punchneedle -- the design is punched from the back (shown above). As I punch I see each stitch laid out much like very, very close individual stitches.  When I turn the piece over I see thick textured loops.  (the top picture is the front)

On this piece I decided to make a couple of sections using reverse punchneedle where I punch the design from the front making those individual stitches show  - does this make sense? *smile*  So now I have a pattern of flat stitches mixed in among the many textures of the loops.  I quite like it!

"Creativity can be described as letting to of certainties." - Gail Sheehy


  1. Yes, it makes sense, Penny, and I like it too! Don't you just love the element of surprise? That's what I've come to treasure too. This piece, as always, has lovely melding colors. One of your strong suits is color, and I admire that because it's one of my weakest.

  2. Beautiful colors....I want to touch it......

  3. It is coming together beautifully!! It is such fun, isn't it, experiencing the surprise that comes when creating from the heart? Love how you are experimenting with the process, Penny - your work makes me want to try punchneedle!!

  4. Adding the reverse punching gives yet another new texture, and adds to the visual and tactile interest - good thinking!



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