Sunday, May 29, 2011


Before leaving on vacation, I picked up a novel to take along with me.  The title is 'Isabel's Daughter' by Judith Ryan Hendricks.  The book is set in the New Mexico desert and the fact that I would be in the desert while reading it added to its appeal. 

The book centers around a young woman trying to discover her past and her mother who had abandoned her.  Her mother was a mixed media artist creating fabric collages.  One of the descriptions of her work included several techniques including photo transfer, beadwork, silk ribbon embroidery and loop-pile embroidery.  As I read the words 'loop-pile embroidery' I wondered if that couldn't be another name for punchneedle work.  I jumped onto the computer and found a listing for Missy Stevens wherein she describes her work as 'loop-pile embroidery' done with a punchneedle. 

Missy Stevens

How I love this description - so much better than punchneedle.  Loop-pile embroidery paints a picture in my mind of what I'm doing - the word punchneedle is more a word for the tool I use. 

I love it when something randomly wonderful comes my way - like a used book, which contains a new-to-me description of what I do, that leads to finding the lovely work of another artist.  Serendipity at its best!

"Serendipity - the faculty for making desirable but unsought-for discoveries by accident."


  1. What fun to find a way to think differently about something you enjoy so much. I suspect Missy Stevens is also proficient with needle-felting. The horse looks to be that. I love the piece he is standing on!

  2. Yes, loop-pile embroidery sounds so much nicer... there's something a little violent implied by the word punchneedle.



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