Thursday, October 14, 2010

Absorbing the Light

Imagine the most wonderful light in the world.  Imagine that light surrounding you, lighting up all the corners and then creating shadows.

Imagine looking across a valley, as far as the eye can see with the golden light of fall filling your soul.

Imagine ancient rocks outlined before a sunlit sky.

Imagine a sky so blue it takes your breath away.

These are some of the desert sights I've had over the past week.  It was very hard to come home!

"Wander where there is no path". - Chuang Tzu


  1. Your words embellish the photos beautifully, thanks for sharing them!

  2. Beautiful! It must have been difficult to leave!

  3. It was very difficult to leave - plus we were leaving our family. Boo-hoo!!!

  4. Your words and pictures together make something very moving. I particularly like the phrase 'absorbing the light'. A lovely post, thank you - and thanks too for stopping by and sharing some wise words with me.



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