Thursday, December 31, 2009

Welcome 2010

I can't say 'out with the old, in with the new' because I am perfectly happy with the 'old' and hope to maintain it throughout this coming year!! But, it is a new year so I'll try to think ahead.  This is what I want for the coming year (at least in the 'art' part of my world):  Beading every day; being a part of BJP for the first time; joining our local Fiber Alliance group; working with InspiredArts (a small local guild) to present a major art/craft show in May; the annual Studio Tour in September. 

Then there are the near to me/dear to me things: Being grateful for my life and everything that fills it; loving and sharing life with my husband; loving and sharing life with my family and friends; enjoying my natural world each and every day.

And there are the hoped for things: safety for my eldest grandson in his far away place; connecting as often as possible with friends and family; living each day as if it is the 'best day of the year'.   While I am hoping, perhaps I can extend those hopes and dreams for everyone - the whole world - why not?  That tears be dried and laughter felt; that hunger dies and fullness reigns; that everyone, everywhere may reach their full potential for good.  If all my hopes and wishes and dreams come true -- this will be a wonderful year!

"Dreams are wishes your heart makes." - American Proverb

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