Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Noel, Noel

Each day is a gift -- but some days delightfully come wrapped in bright ribbon accompanied by silver bells and song.  Because we are far from family, most of my holiday efforts must be done early on.  No last minute shopping for this little elf.  So these are the gifts that I give myself for Christmas:  Sending and receiving Christmas cards -- many times to and from people with whom we have no other communication.  Receiving their notes brings memories of past times shared.  Collecting items to go into boxes, one of which this year will find its way to Iraq and our eldest grandson. Putting money in the Salvation Army bucket to the tinkle of bells.  Going to holiday luncheons with friends - somehow the food and drink at these Yule gatherings always tastes a little bit richer and sweeter.  Enjoying the little bit of snow we have left after our storm earlier in the week.  Watching for the red cardinals who quite unaware of themselves decorate the trees outside my studio.

I leave you with this picture of a large wooden bear who lives in our neighborhood.  His owners deck him out for every season and here he is in all his Christmas finery. 

I hope this day (and every day) is one of glory and peace for each of you.

Have you seen the mistletoe, it fills the night with kisses
Have you seen the bright new star, it fills your heart with wishes
Have you seen the candlelight that shines from every window
Have you seen the moon above that lights the sky in silver.
"White is in the Winter Night" - Enya

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