Tuesday, January 15, 2019


New Year, new word

"vignette -- a small ornamental design filling space in a book or carving typically based on foliage"

 This past year I just could not settle into anything.  I tended to jump from place to place, idea to idea never really extending my learning curve nor my imagination.

With a new year I'm always tempted to become orderly. I have gathered together all the 'small stuff' accumulated over several years.  Earrings that I no longer wear, buttons of all kinds, charms from 'old' bracelets.  My goal for this year is to make up a bunch of 'vignettes' reflecting 'where I am right' now as well where I have been in the past. We'll see what I discover.

"Bits and pieces flung into the universe, sticking in the sky like cotton balls on a jet black velcro surface." - Bradley Chicho


  1. This sounds like fun - making beauty from "unconsidered trifles"!

  2. Sometimes jumping from one idea to another is what we need to do. It eliminates the ones that we thought might work, but didn’t. It’s a process we often have to navigate to get where we should be. Enjoy it! Looking forward to seeing your “processes”!

  3. Love the photo-and I agree with Barbara's comment. For me-I need to experiment and so be it if I jump and hop-I'm always learning something from the process, and sometimes it even trickles down into the main projects I always come back to. I can't wait to see what you do this year!



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