Sunday, July 15, 2018

Capturing Floss



I used to store all of my floss in these open wire baskets.  Although I tried to keep the various colors separated I often found conglomerations of shade, colors, etc. in one basket, two baskets... I'm sure you get the idea.
One day recently I walked into the local Dollar Store and there were glass jars sitting there waiting for me.  They were designed to look like the old canning jars of my childhood and had nice wide mouths on them.


What a joy to separate out floss colors and put each of them in their jar.  At a glance I can see the colors and shades making it much easier to determine what additions I might need and if I need to get replacements.  'Heaven' in jars!!!

"Colorful threads move through my fingers and onto cloth". -Penny


  1. Delicious but with no calorific content!

  2. Well that is an excellent way to sort and store your threads. I don't especially like to shop at The Dollar Store or Dollar General or Family Dollar. But I LOVE to browse the aisles of The Dollar Tree where everything really IS a dollar.
    xx, Carol

  3. Hmmmm...second comment attempt. Did one this morning, but who knows what blogger did with it. I want to say that this switch in floss storage is a work of art in itself. What a dollar store find, also in different sizes to suit your needs. Perfect!

  4. Such gorgeous gatherings of colour and effortlessly inspirational too!

  5. I definitely need to capture my floss. I've tried so many times; alas, still no permanent method. Your method makes a lovely display which is usual and attractive!

  6. This is just so pretty! Useful and inspiring-it will be so easy to grab what you want.



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