Friday, August 12, 2016

"Stuart Little" and others

Into my life from long ago and far away came "Stuart Little" by E.B. White.  This brings back memories of my son's childhood when we read "Stuart Little" and became completely enchanted by the story.

Of course a mouse creator must have some kind of inspiration.  Recently I ordered three 'mouse' books with "Stuart Little" at the top of the list.  The other two are "Great Mouse Detective - Basil of Baker Street" by Eve Titus and "The Tale of Johnny Town-Mouse by Beatrix Potter.  

It is delicious to curl up in the chair on a hot summer afternoon and lose yourself in the 'secret world of mice' and  to let these wonderful stories turn your imagination backward into the one you had as a child.  

"A shaft of sunlight at the end of a dark afternoon, a note of music, and the way the back of a baby's neck smells if it's mother keeps it tidy," answered Henry. "Correct", said Stuart.  "Those are the important things.  You forgot one thing, though.  Mary Bendix, what did Henry Rackmeyer forget?" "He forgot ice cream with chocolate sauce on it," said Mary quickly" - E. B. White, Stuart Little


  1. I love children's books. I actually have my own collection of books. They were purchased because I love the illustrations. Have fun reading and creating.

  2. Classics here! One cannot do better than spend some time with them.

  3. Interesting, Stuart Little was as far as I remember one of my husband's favorite books as a child, and Beatrix Potter some sort of cousin.

  4. Cold ice cream and hot chocolate sauce - yum!

  5. Oh, I missed a lot in my own childhood, but lost myself in the world of books. I read constantly to my daughter and then to my grandson that lived with us. His favorites were any by Mercer Mayer. Then along came technology and Corey's interest in books faded. However, I then bought magazines for him about the things he loved. At least he was reading. Now, he reads a lot of intelligent writings on line. When he wants to, we have very deep conversations about life and what makes us tick, so to speak. Being able to read well is just about the best gift we can be given.

    I'm sure those Stuart Little books will give your creative mind a lot of inpiration!!
    xx, Carol

  6. Oh, the secret lives on tiny things! A good book is a good book for any age. :)



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